Fragments of Lost History

Fragments of Lost History

| 50 min

The yellowed pages of a travel journal, a letter unearthed by chance, photographs recovered from a company's dusty archives: These are but a few of the scattered materials used to reconstruct the fascinating and little known adventure of Revillon Brothers, a Parisian merchant of elegant furs, who came to Canada at the turn of the century to enter into the fur trade. But the adventure comes to an end in 1936 when Revillon's great rival, the Hudson's Bay Company, buys out the French company. Victorious, the Hudson's Bay Company, is the only of the two to be remembered in the history books. In between the words of the few remaining witnesses to a lost history, in the memories of descendants of employees and in specialists' passion for the fragments recovered, a world long thought vanished is recreated in front of our eyes. In French with English subtitles.

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  • intownfilms

    It's wonderful to discover this story on Revillon Frere. My grandfather Gaspard Chartrand was a fur trader who worked with this company in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

    intownfilms, 12 Sep 2019